I’m a user researcher and service designer – test

My Work

Who I am

I’ve worked as a researcher for over 20 years, and cut my teeth in an agency environment. Now I’m a freelancer, contracting across private and public sectors.

My skills

I conduct user research to feed into product and service development, from inception through to live environments.

I’m experienced at getting agile teams bought into research, to ensure it feeds into their delivery processes.

About Me

I started researching ergonomics back in 1999, before transitioning to HCI and usability, as it evolved through UX and service design.

I’ve helped to pioneer research techniques in areas such as video game development, and contributed to the creation of the GUR-SIG (the organisation of user researchers in video gaming)

I’ve worked in a range of sectors and industries, always applying user research in meaningful and efficient ways that help the client to make the best possible user experience.

I also love playing drums.


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